7 Ways to Rock a Headband


A headband is a fantastic accessory and it can tie in quite well to an outfit. Headbands are a favorite amongst many women when it comes to hair adornments. It has taken a much more mainstream position and there are many different ways to wear one so that it is fitting for your occasion.

1. A Slim Band

Trying using a skinny band to glam up your look. If it is sleek then it can look extremely sophisticated. If you wear one with a sleek ponytail during the day then it also makes for a great career hair style.

2. Bow Band

Try a floppy bow band on the side of your head. This is a fun and spunky way to work the look. If you cannot find a bow you can actually create your own. Get a wide ribbon and simply tie it into a loose bow. Wear it off to the side and you have it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE