7 Ways to Stay at Your Weight Target


Once you have made it to your target weight there is a huge celebration. There is even a great motivation to stay there for quite awhile, but eventually the excitement fades and you need a way to keep pressing forward and stay at your goal. There are a few things you can do to help make it easier to stay at your goal weight and avoid having to do the big slimdown again.

1. Rituals are Good

There are things that you did to help you get to your goal. Whether it was cutting down sugar, working out more consistently or allowing yourself a single cheat day, it worked for you. Whatever that was is something you should keep up. It will help you stay on target and remove the temptation of things that will likely make you balloon back up.


 2. Avoid the Temptation Items

It is good to allow yourself a treat here and there but don’t keep these treats in your home. When the bad for you items are there you will eat them. Keep healthy snacks in the house and force yourself to go that direction. You won’t want to drive to the store so the apple will do at 10 pm instead of the cookies.

3. Stay Motivated

Just because you have reached your goal weight doesn’t mean it has to be the end of goals. Set new strength and endurance challenges for yourself so you can keep motivated. Whether it is to run a 5K, get a better time or do more pushups there is always a goal out there you can strive towards. People with goals are better at getting what they want.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE