7 Ways to Tame Fluffy Hair



Everyone has a different hair type and fluffy hair is not something that is easy to tame if you don’t know the right method of doing so. Regardless of how thick or thin it is, fluffy hair can seem impossible to deal with at times. There are many tips and tricks to use so that you can smooth out the frizz and unmanageable mane.

1. Get More Moisture

Your fluffy hair may not look very dry to you but it continues to pouf up instead of falling down. If you can find moisturizing products that are quality you will find that it helps to smooth out the cuticles in your hair. This will leave your hair with more fluff and it will be less prone to fluff regardless of the weather. Use a rich moisturizer and a calming spritz.






2. Quality Product

There are plenty of different styling products. Whether it’s a gel, wax or mousse a quality product works much better than a generic and cheap brand. Choose a product that isn’t very sticky and it will help you to mould your hairstyle. One that works well is one that will keep the hair weightless and bouncy.


3. Blow Drying Techniques

If you like to have your hair straight and you like a natural smooth texture then you can blow dry it a certain way, styling it at the same time. Use a flat brush or a large rounded one while you blow-dry it piece by piece. The air should be directed downwards in order to reduce the frizz.

4. The Right Hair Cut

Believe it or not, the cut and layer of your hair can determine how frizzy it looks. Some hair stylists suggest that the best smoothing technique is allowing your hair to grow out. The longer it is, the heaver it is and the less likely it is to fluff up and appear difficult to manage.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE