7 Ways to Tame Fluffy Hair



5. Curl Styles

If you have fluffy curls and not the smooth appearance that you want define your curls a different way. Try using flexirods or try to twist them and pin them to customize your curls the way that you want them to appear without causing heat damage.

6. Try out New Products

From mousses to shampoos that are volume enhancing, there are plenty of products that don’t actually work on hair or skin. There are plenty of products that are designed to help reduce frizz and increase volume. Try out Paul Mitchell’s skinny balm. These have natural ingredients and will put natural oils back into your hair.

7. Reduction Treatment

Salon treatments are centered around shaping and calming hair. There are keratin treatments that will help to turn your fluff into a silk and soft mane. Ask your hair stylist if they offer a keratin treatment. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. This is a newer treatment that helps people with hair that is difficult to manage. Whether it’s a salon visit or a new product, something will calm down your mane.