This summer you should try a new way of wearing your hair so that it goes with the new flirty outfits you’ve invested in. New style brings confidence. It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair, there are plenty of fresh and new styles that you will find fits your lifestyle perfectly. This year can be the year that you do something different with your hair. Check out the following trendy and complimentary styles.

1. Mermaid Style

The Mermaid look is a favorite amongst many, especially during the summer. You can get this look by braiding the top parts of your hair around the sides for an elegant yet spunky twist. This is a great style to relax around the pool with and it will help you stay cool indefinitely.

2. Knot and Twist Style

If you are in search of an updo that isn’t too fancy yet gives you some class, try the braided knot or the twist. This works for people who have medium length hair and it can be very helpful for people who want to keep their locks off of their shoulders and keep cool.






3. Soft Curls
Bangs are back in style and so are curls. It’s all about the loose and soft curls. When they are too harsh they can be overbearing and they do not look natural. In order to get the perfect curl you can use hot rollers instead of using a curling iron. Also invest in hair balm and ask your stylist to give you longer bangs to add in with them.

4. Boho Style

The Boho braid is trendy right now. In order to get this look allow your hair to dry, give it a wavy look and create two braids from each side of your hair. Align it with your forehead and then join them at the back of your crown. This is very popular with celebrities right now.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE