7 Ways of Using Mascara




There are many mascara tips you might have never heard of, even if you always follow up the trends in the fashion industry. The tips presented below are essential for those who want to have the right look, as they are the ways through which any woman could make her lashes to look even better. Thus, following the latest trends and discovering the secrets are very important.

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1. Color

This tip is not known to many women – this has to do with the colored mascaras. If from the roots you make use of black to about three quarters up, and then have it coated with brown, you can easily make your eyelashes to look a lot longer and a lot bigger. Some artists could even use black to coat the top and then use brown for the bottom. You should carry out some experiments and what works for you.

2. Layer

Layering your mascara is another one that will help you. There are many ladies who would like to stand out by not using the natural look, and layering some kinds of mascara lets you have great results. Some makeup artists like using 4 different mascaras, mixing them with full brushes. A thin brush should be used for the inner corners and the lower lashes to separate and define them.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE