7 Wedding Make Up Tips to Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day



Weddings hold truly exceptional places in any woman’s heart. Most women look forward to this day with awe and excitement. It is needless to say that most women would go to any extent in the quest to make the day really special, with memories to last a life time. The bride would want to look spectacular, since the spotlight shines on her that day. It is for this reason that the wedding make up has to be right, from the face to the hands to the whole body in general. These make up tips outlined below will go a long way in making sure that the bride looks like a polished version of herself during on the big day.

Use a Primer

Using a primer is necessary in ensuring that the foundation remains intact the whole day.






A primer effectively prepares the skin for make up in addition to creating a shielding base that foundation can hold on to. It also ensures that the skinremains shine free, erasing all fine lines and pores, thereby creating aprefect smooth surface.

Select a Foundation to Match Your Skin Tone

In order to determine the right foundation to match your skin tone, check out the color of your skin in natural daylight, this is due to the fact that most of the wedding time is likely to be spent in natural daylight. Note that it is important to check a foundation along the jaw line to make sure that no tide marks are left towards the neck. To even the foundation, use a foundation brush to apply.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE