7 Wedding Make Up Tips to Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day


Make Use of a Concealer

It may not be entirely possible to have a flaw less skin, the scars and blemishes are better off when covered using a concealer. Concealers are used to cover up the scars and blemishes that are unrelenting even after applying foundation.

Use Powder to Set Foundation

The idea of using a powder to set the foundation may seem more make up than what you are accustomed to. However, it is important to remember that the day is characterized with a lot of photo shoots, therefore, for all day longevity; the use of powder becomes an integral part in setting foundation. Any wedding make up artist will tell you that the foundation and powder should be of matching shades.

Keep the Nails Mac- Free

Not only will everyone want to have a glimpse of your wedding ring, but your hands will feature highly in the wedding photos holding champagne, flowers and other items. It is for this reason that the nails have to have a perfect look. Make sure that you take someone along with you when going for a manicure. The other person will for instance drive you to the next destination so you don’t scrape the nail polish on the steering wheel.

Blot Your Lips

Blot the lips when applying the lipstick with a tissue after one application. Reapply to guarantee a more lasting effect.

Take a Trial Photo Session with the Make up

A trial photo session after the make up may help detect a mismatch between powders and foundations. Taking pictures with a flash prior to the wedding will give an idea on how the final wedding make up looks on the camera.
A slight make up mistake may prove fatal, and could take away the twinkle that was initially meant to go with the day. It is always recommended that services of a reputable make up artist be used to make sure that every piece falls in place.