7 Weird Things Your Dog Enjoys



If you have ever had a dog for six years or six months, you should still consider some of the things your dog enjoys. For many years, I have had a dog, and I am still learning new things my pet loves. To a new dog, most of the things are new, but if you have had pets all your life, you will know that these things are unique, helping to make your dog special.

As your dog feels loved, and the pet behaves in a tamed, natural way, you will have a pet which expresses its personality. Dogs are living creatures, and not made to be confined to outdoor heat 24/7, cages, aggressive, or having their behavior controlled by their owners. As you dog is treated well, you will learn the things your pet enjoys. The animal will as well show you lots of love.






  1. Clothing

One of the main reasons why your dog tends to enjoy your clothing because it gives him a sense of security when you are not at home. This is because the dog smells your scent on the clothes  and he feels comforted by it in your absence. Other dogs play with their owners’ clothing because they just see it as like one of their toys. Dogs like carrying clothes, bedroom shoes, socks, etc., and it is a good idea to place it in its dog bed to lie on while the owner is away. Dogs love smelling the scent of their owners, even chewing them.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE