7 Weirdest Workouts Ever


There are plenty of mainstream ways to workout, like lifting weights, practicing yoga, or dancing in Zumba. However, there are also many obscure and unusual ways to work out that provide amazing results. With these sever weird workouts, you certainly will never become bored or develop exercise burn out:

1. Exercise on the Trampoline

Trampoline fitness classes do not seem like exercise classes because they are so much fun. Interestingly, it is a low-impact workout and it tones your core and legs quite quickly. You will feel young and energized after a round of bouncing.

2. Stripper Pole Workout

Bringing together gymnastics and dancing, stripper pole workouts work the core, stretch muscles, and build endurance. It’s actually a more popular class than many people think and gyms often have to add more sessions to fit all of the people who want to take them. Why do the classes fill up? Because the exercise actually works.

3. Workouts Inspired by the Big Top

Once you’ve taken a trampoline class, you will be ready to move up to the trapeze. Not only will you build muscle and stretch your body, you will feel like you are flying the entire time. The workout is safe because the safety net is always in place.


 4. Get Up Off the Ground

After the trapeze classes, anti-gravity yoga makes for a perfect follow up class. In an anti-gravity yoga class, you will move through a series of poses will being held up off of the ground by suspension straps. Your core will get the workout of its life!

5. Ride the Waves

Overweight surfers are hard to find, so if you want a surfer body, try the RipSurferX workout. The machine resembles a surf board on the water. You will move like you are actually surfing and your body will get fit quickly as your balance and endurance improves.