7 Well Known Chocolate Brands


Chocolate is by far one of the best cures for a sweet tooth. For all of you chocolate lovers you may know some of the brands that are of the utmost quality. They may be a bit more expensive but they are well worth the money spent. The goodness of the rich chocolate taste also has some very nutritious benefits when it is eaten in moderation. It consists of many antioxidants that will actually help to fight the effects of free floating radicals in our bodies. The following are the best chocolates to purchase and consume in moderation.

1. Lindt & Spugli

This is a chocolate brand that is made of premium ingredients.






It originates in Switzerland and ever since its creation it has spread around the world in delicious agony. The taste and the quality of this brand is unparalleled – if you try it you’ll see why it has earned its spot. Some of the most popular chocolate companies have originated in Switzerland.

2. The Popular Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli is the most popular chocolate to purchase around the holidays, for loved ones and it is the most popular brand of chocolate that people tend to bake with. This brand is well known for its penchant quality. It is best known for its cocoa beans. It’s said that this company will reject 40% of the cocoa beans that are sent to them because of their high standards.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE