8 Color Palette Makeup Pieces to Make Your Spring Amazing


6. Estee Lauder Pretty Naughty

You don’t usually think of Estee Lauder as being cutting edge, but this little palette will give you a new perspective. With aqua blue, cotton candy pink and soft violet you can have lots of fun with your eyes. You can even make it a bit of an Easter egg extravaganza and it will be memorable. Great for warmer complexions there are foolproof directions for all skin types and it isn’t pricey.

7. Nars the Happening Spring Cheek

A limited edition palette, this bronzer can be a blush. It limits your pieces but the color options are truly fun. It really evens out your complexion and you might find that you become a bit addicted to the size, as it packs an eye shadow plethora in a small container.

8. Urban Decay Ammo

Urban Decay can always come up with something affordable and fun. The primer potion in this set up is to die for and you will love all the shimmer. It is one of the best palettes and will likely carry over for many seasons to come.