8 Distractions in Your Life, Get More Done


Okay, so you can’t totally get rid of distractions, but you can recognize what is causing you to be less productive. By acknowledging the things in your life that slow you down or keep you from being what you need to be you will find there is more time in a day than you thought. You will soon find you can get the things done you always wanted to, it is just about proper time management and putting distractions in their place.

1. Social Media

Social media is a draw you cannot escape but you can limit the time you waste there. You still want to check in but rather than letting it steal time do it in your spare time. When you are waiting check social media on your phone. Allot a 30 minute time period per day to check in and then stay off the sites otherwise. It is a great way to get your time back.


 2. Television

There are reruns of amazing shows on all the time. It is so easy to get sucked in and before you know it three hours have gone by. Turn the TV off and limit yourself to certain times of day. You will find you enjoy it more because you won’t feel guilty and it will become the “treat” it was when you were a kid.

3. Smart Phones

They may be smart but they can take you out of the moment all the time. Put your phone in your pocket and unless it is something urgent only check it at certain times. Once an hour or every thirty minutes. You can then do five or six things at once rather than stopping your productivity every few minutes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE