8 Filthiest Items We Come In Contact With Daily


Till now you may have believed that a person’s mouth is the filthiest thing ever. That, however, is a misconception since the mouth is infested with bacteria which are not necessarily dangerous. Similarly, if you believed that the parts of your body used for excretion are the filthiest, you would be wrong again. When cleaned in the right way, these could be the most sanitary parts of your body. Then, what are some of the filthiest things we touch on a daily basis?

1. The part beneath your nails

The part beneath human nails is highly prone to filth accumulation. If you use your nails to scratch someone skin, it is more likely to infect them than making them dip their face in the toilet bowl!


 2. Cash

In their effort to make Euro coins resistant to bacteria growth due to dirtiness, the European authorities added high amounts of nickel to their metal currency. The plan, however, backfired as people started complaining of nickel allergies. The money we get from cash registers is filled with germs. You can prevent these germs from affecting you by making sure your handbag or wallet is washed regularly.

3. Grocery baskets and shopping carts

While you may not be coming in contact with these items on a daily basis, you can imagine the amount of filth they invite with the countless number of people touching them each day. Make sure that you do not leave any food items, such as fruits or vegetables, roll around uncovered in the shopping cart or grocery basket you are carrying.

4. Potato peels

Since potatoes are grown underground, it is inevitable for their skins to gather dirt. Make sure you wash them first with skin on before you peel them for cooking and then wash them thoroughly again.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE