8 Filthiest Items We Come In Contact With Daily


5. The remote control

While other electronic gadgets like your phone and computer keyboard can still be opened up and cleaned with the necessary equipment, it can be particularly challenging to neaten the insides of your TV remote control. Moreover, people generally do not have any inhibitions about using the remote no matter how filthy it might be.

6. Bathroom lights with pull cords

Some people avoid installing light switches amid the fear that if touched with moist hands they can cause an electric shock. Consequently they install bulbs with pull cords. However, these cords pose a bigger threat with the germ infested cesspool they tend to grow into. This is also not an item that people generally thing about cleaning, even if the rest of the bathroom is spick and span.

7. Door knobs

The knobs on your door are used by everyone in the house, coming in from different kinds of places and carrying in a variety of germs. Moreover, people rarely think about cleaning their door knobs, which results in them becoming a breeding ground for filthiness.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE