8 Flirtatious Nail Polishes for Valentine’s Day



This Valentine’s Day, if you are in need of some fun nail polishes to wear, I have some ideas for you. Whether you have big ideas to do some themed nail art, or you’re going for a traditional red polish, your needs would be met by any of these nail polishes. Regardless of the status of your relationship, you can enjoy these fun and flirty nail polishes for Valentine’s Day!

1. Zoya Nail Polish in Kendal





You may not think lavender is a great Valentine’s Day color for nails but since lavender is a soft feminine color, this is a good choice to wear if you feel like being flirty. Men also like lavender on women’s nails so this is another reason why you should choose this polish for Valentine’s Day.

2. Essie Nail Polish in Tour de Finance

This is a hot fuchsia nail polish that looks great on your nails and your significant other will enjoy this color too. You can sport this fuchsia polish with all pink outfits, outfits that have neutral tones such as dark green or burnt orange, and with most red outfits. If you wear this polish, you can accessorize it with multicolored jewelry or a purse that has hints of fuchsia.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE