8 Foolproof Tips for Stopping the Freshman 15


The joy of being in college and out of your parent’s house means the ultimate freedom. Along with that freedom comes responsibility. You might not realize how much your parent’s looking out for your nutrition aided in you being the size you are, but most students have a huge problem avoiding packing on the pounds when they first go to college. The meal plans don’t help and the lack of structure makes it worse. There are a few things you can do to avoid letting your weight creep up on you.

1. Portion Control is Key

Sizes in America are too big and it leads to weight gain. This is not new information. With that being said you need to control your portions.


 If you are eating on a cafeteria plan or just cooking for yourself, get used to giving yourself less than what you really want. You will likely be full and you won’t have consumed more calories. Have a “taste” of things you enjoy without getting the full caloric boom.

2. Get Your Exercise On

Without someone watching you, exercising can be hard to master. Couple that with not sleeping at normal times and having way too much to do, it tends to be the first thing to go. If you get your exercise on you will find your brain is clearer and you will have fewer problems with weight gain.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE