8 Lip Balms You Will Love


A few years back flavored lip balms were all the rage, offering a variety of vibrant colors and accents. For the die-hard fans of these lip stains, it was virtually impossible to keep their hands off them. With their 40th anniversary coming up in a few days, this article is dedicated to the amazing addition lip smackers have made to girls’ winter accessories. Here is a list of some lip balm flavors you are definitely going to love:

1. Crimson strawberry

The ideal lip stain for those who like all things red, this lip balm is a treat for your senses with its amazing strawberry fragrance. Traces of strawberry flavor will probably have you tasting your lips nonstop. The signature crimson shade of strawberries adds a light tone of color to your lips, which is ideal for young girls who do not want to use overpowering shades of makeup.


 2. Refreshing watermelon

Much like the fruit, this lip smacker is all about freshness and essential nutrients like vitamin E and SPF to guarantee plush looking lips. Known for its green color and the unmistakably inviting smell of watermelon, this is a perfect choice for summer months.

3. Cookies from girl scouts

This lip balm flavor is to die for! Inspired by the coconut chocolate Girl Scout cookies, you can almost taste the yummy cookies with the invigorating aroma this lip stain contains. The tube is designed in the Girl Scout theme and will surely make you crave for these divine treats.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE