8 Makeup Products for Uneven Skin Tone


If you have uneven skin tone, you know how challenging it is to find makeup that complements your face. While it can be difficult to find a perfect product that makes your skin look completely flawless, these eight products will help minimize the flaws and make you look great:

1. Pure Pressed Mineral Powder SPF 20 by Jane Iredale

Your uneven skin will appreciate the quality of this pressed powder made of a mineral formula. It not only helps to even skin tone, but it also fights acne with an anti-inflammatory formula. Since this product does so much, it is a little more expensive: $52.

2. Sun Defense Minerals SPF 30 by Eminence

This is another pricy product, but it is well worth the $58. It is a foundation that evens out skin tone and provides a high SPF coverage.


 The formula is not greasy and it is easy to apply and touch up throughout the day.

3. Urban Decay Surreal Mineral Makeup

Urban Decay is another high end brand, but it delivers. The mineral makeup line does help with uneven skin tone and this foundation product covers and nourishes the skin, too. For $31, you will enjoy the lightweight formula and more affordable price.

4. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation

For $45, you get a foundation that fills pores and fine lines while making your skin look more even in tone. This pressed foundation is idea for older skin that may have more damage and unevenness.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE