8 Makeup Products for Uneven Skin Tone


5. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra

Lancome is a luxurious brand of makeup with a foundation that outlasts all others. With the Teint Idole Ultra foundation, your uneven skin tone with practically disappear. You will love the smooth, rich formula that took eight years of research to create. This one is $45.

6. Clinque Perfectly Real Compact

The Perfectly Real Compact delivers a pretty powder that fights oil and evens out skin tone. Your skin will feel naked due to the lightweight texture and oil-free formula. This product is $25.

7. L’oreal Visible Lift

If you prefer to buy your makeup in a convenient location, L’Oreal is a great choice. The Visible Lift foundation is designed to work with uneven skin tone and L’Oreal designed it to last. This product is $13.49 at your favorite big box store.