8 Natural Remedies to Cure Brittle Nails



The best remedies for curing your brittle nails do not have to cost a fortune or come in pretty-looking bottles to work wonders. Did you know that many of those remedies could be made at home? That is it! Making them at home enables you to have some creative fun, save cash, and even expect those home remedies to have long-lasting results, unlike what you have when using those much-advertised and popular products.




There is really no big deal in this. Checking out these DIY mixtures should help you to be convinced that the things needed for making a fantastic home remedy for brittle nails are within your reach.

1.Put On Gloves When Doing Housework

If you are doing housework during the day, you should put on cotton or rubber gloves so that your nails will be protected and that they will not chip or break. This is a good thing you should do if you already have brittle nails and you are in the process of curing them. Cotton gloves are better than rubber gloves but as long as you cover your nails with them, it will be fine.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE