8 New Nail Colors to Try this Winter



If you want to find chic nail colors this year you should aim for the darker tones. Dark colors are the way to go during the cold weather. Stores hold all dark colors imaginable. Black is fabulous to use during the winter time although it is a basic color. Step outside of the box with these winter colors and you may find that they are the most complimentary components of your outfit.

1. Dark Purple

You can never go wrong with purple during the fall or winter. Deep purple is an all time favorite for many. It goes with tons of outfits and it is also very complimentary toward all skin tones.

2. Ice Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the most chic nail colors during the winter time.






It is very fashion forward and it has been inspired by many vogue magazines and fashion designers. Although it can be a bit of an unexpected color, it’s fun and it’s trendy.

3. Emerald Green

Green is the type of color that looks much better in the right tone than in the wrong, tacky hue. Some tend to stray away from green because it looks a bit Halloween like, but try an emerald or jade green in order to get a fashion look to it. You can also get a metallic green which is a great way to approach the winter time with the right outfit.

4. Deep Brown

A deep chocolate brown is the way to go with winter colors this year. This color will never go out of style. Here is a neutral tone which definitely stands out and makes a bold statement. You can get the best of both worlds with this color and it goes with almost every outfit so that you can be very versatile in your personal fashion choices.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE