8 New Nail Colors to Try this Winter



5. Retro Red

Red is a color that can be worn year round. You can never go wrong with a sultry cherry red. A good shade of it is going to compliment you regardless of what you’re wearing or what your cuticles look like. Here is the favorite amongst women who wear nail colors year round. This is going to add a nice pop to your nails and it’s bound to brighten any outfit that you choose to wear.

6. Neutral

Make sure that you do not scorn a chic beige color. The right nude color will mix in well with a classy outfit and it will compliment your skin color perfectly.


7. Romantic Maroon

Maroon is the perfect color for both autumn and winter. This is a mix of different hues which is why it is so complimentary. This is the sexiest of chic colors and it can be worn in the evening or during the day for a casual look. This is perfect for parties and dates.

8. Metallic Hues

It’s rare that you may find a metallic color which you like but there are plenty of collections that carry a noteworthy metallic color. During the winter time it’s extremely trendy and fun to incorporate into outfits.