8 of the Intriguing Ryan Gosling Facts



Ryan Gosling has so many fans who know so much about him. He is an intriguing celebrity and his fans love to learn about him. As one of the most popular celebrities, the media continues to reveal more and more information him. But, they often leave a few facts behind. Here are a few unusual facts about everyone’s favorite nice guy:

1. Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire
It is only appropriate that an actor with as much nice-guy sex appeal would be musical. He can play a jazz guitar like a pro.





In fact, he started a band called Dead Man’s Bones and they released an album in 2009. You won’t see Ryan Gosling’s name on the liner notes; he goes by “Baby Goose.”

2. Coincidences with Rachel McAdams
The Notebook is the one movie that really made women take notice of Ryan Gosling. The fans who loved him in the movie were envious of Rachel McAdams, who not only got to star in the movie with him, but also got to date him, too. In a strange coincidence, both McAdams and Gosling were born in St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario – even though he was born two years before McAdams.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE