8 Reasons You Are Absolutely Beautiful



You may not realize it, but you are beautiful! Your beauty does not have anything to do with what you wear, how you do your hair, or what jewelry you put on each day. Women need to know that they are beautiful and that their beauty comes from more than their exterior appearance. These are only eight reasons why you are beautiful:

1. Your Smile

When you think about what draws you to people, you usually think of their smiles. When we see someone smile, we immediate see how amazing that person is. Your smile radiates your emotions and your warm heart. Your smile can help turn someone’s day from bad to good, so smile often!


 2. Your Laugh

We are also drawn to people by their laughter. So, when you pair your amazing smile with your joyful laughter you share more of your inner beauty with the world.

3. Your Tears

When you cry, you show your tenderness to the world. Your tears are a part of who you are and they are beautiful. It does not matter why you are crying, because it happens for a reason that is unique to you.

4. Your Kindness

Acts of kindness are also beautiful. Treating people with kindness is a skill and when you share your gifts of kindness, you beauty shines. It does not take much effort to be kind and when you are kind to others, the kindness ripples out into the world.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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