8 Sizzling Nail Trends for 2013



It can be really difficult keeping up with nail trends, especially if you are a person who does not belong to the fashion arena, but who occasionally likes looking fashionable. Some weeks ago, I got my first manicure, and the first question I was asked was about the nail trends I was interested in incorporating into my look. Thus, I decided to write this post, trying to share some ideas with fellow women.

1. Cream Colors

In 2013 it is all about creamy colors and some good creamy colors for nails include nude, peach, beige, light gray, powder blue and light pink. These colors are subtle yet beautiful and you can sport these colors with most outfits although they may not blend well with dark colored clothing. If you want extra flair to your cream nail polish colors, apply a little glitter or crackle polish to the nails.






2. All About The Metallic Shades

Metallic shades are popular this year for nails and they add glamour to otherwise dull-looking nails. If you plan to wear long acrylic nails for a few weeks, metallic shades are the best for thislook because these shades add the “wow” factor to acrylic nails. Once you apply the metallic shade to your nails, you can put nail decals on them or apply tiny rhinestones in colors that
complement the metallic color.

3. Black Nails

Black nails are no longer just for punk rockers or those who are involved in the Goth subculture You can sport black nail polish with your little black dress or with an outfit that has hints of black such as a black/white floral sundress or blazer with a nice pair of black pants. You can wear black matte polish or a black polish that has shimmer to it. You may also like black glitter polish or black crackle polish.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE