8 Things That Make Us Crazy About Makeup


3. A statement

The great thing about makeup is the artistic freedom it provides to its wearer. If you are in the mood to keep things subtle, you can choose to keep your makeup hues light and fuss free. For more formal occasions, you can play up the look a little more and go for a more pronounced look. Essentially it is an expression of your inner self and how you feel at that precise moment.

4.  The liberty to choose

Another amazing thing about makeup is the liberty it gives women to create variety in their style. You can choose a lighter array of colors to for daytime wear and go completely the other way for a much more prominent look for a night event. It gives you the chance to be sporty about your style statement and have fun while you come up with different looks.

5. The aesthetic value

Makeup is pretty much comparable to the shades an artist uses to fill his canvas and come up with something meaningful. By following the tips of expert makeup artists, you can even learn to optimize your creativity in makeup and come up with the same level of panache as you see in magazine spreads.

6. A reason to spoil yourself

Experimenting with different makeup trends and trying out new products can also be a way to spoil yourself a little, which is something you totally deserve as a woman. The excitement of laying your hands on a new makeup item is unmatchable and even if it makes you feel like a queen for a moment, it is totally worth it!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE