8 Things to see in Paris


The City of Lights creates an aura of romance. If you are fortunate enough to travel to Paris, you are fortunate enough, but there are many amazing things to see and do in Paris. You can read travel journals and recommendations, but these are the top eight things to see in the luxurious and beautiful city, Paris.

1. The Locals and the Visitors

Paris is full of amazing people that are worth watching.


The city has been a trendsetter for centuries and it continues to fascinate people. The fashion, the confidence, and way of life make for a fun afternoon of people watching from a comfy chair on a side walk café.

2. Peace and Quiet in the Cemeteries

Once you have had enough of watching the living walk by, take time to explore the cemeteries in Paris. They are peaceful places to look for famous people who have made Paris home.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE