8 Things We Learned From New York Fashion Week


The New York Fashion Week is a highly anticipated fashion event all year round and it is inevitable for women to be curious about the latest trends introduced at during the entire week. The very thought of a fashion week takes out minds to beautiful supermodels walking down the ramp in high-end styles and classy makeup. Here are a few things that we learned from this year’s NY Fashion Week.

1. Bronze is the rage in eye makeup

A shade with the universality to match any outfit, the bronze eye hue was a much celebrated concept this year, with Herve Leger’s models sporting the color both in their eye and face makeup. The key was to keep the effect subtle while highlighting the contours of the face and adding hints of radiance.


 2. Time to put your tweezers away, ladies

The most commonly observed trend in this year’s fashion week was the statement eyebrows that were sported by the models. The idea was to keep the look as natural as possible and looked quite chic as models channeling Marc Jacobs walked down the runway with the strong brows. Fuller brows can be achieved by brushing blow enhancing products through them.

3. Neon eye colors are the way to go

Bright hues in eye makeup were all the rage during the NY Fashion Week. During the Donna Karan collection display, the models wore eye-catching neon colored mascaras and eyeliners – the perfect look for those who love taking fashion risks. You can experiment with this look this spring if you want to try something innovative in terms of your eye makeup.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE