8 Tips for Everyday Skin Care


When it comes to everyday skin tips, there are so many conflicting thoughts. The reason is that everyone’s skin is different. You have to take the basics and make a skin regimen that works for your skin type and your lifestyle. The work you put into your skin might be different than someone else’s but you can both achieve great results. There are a few tips that are universal.

1. Gentle is Key

No matter what type of skin you have you want to treat it gently. What you use to clean it should be gentle and you need to be gentle when applying the cleanser. You should work in a circular motion and avoid hard rubbing and pulling. You don’t want to damage your capillaries with lots of pressure.

2. Consider the Texture

You have to pick your cream carefully. If you have dry skin you need something that is rich and creamy. Both for cleaning and for moisturizing. Exfoliating scrubs are better for acne and oily skin types. If you have sensitive skin then look for more natural products without perfumes.

3. Sunscreen

Sun is a killer for skin. It breaks it down and causes wrinkles so you should avoid it by using sunscreen. You don’t want to lock yourself inside, you just want to wear a good sunscreen all the time. Every little bit helps, so don’t skimp on the sunscreen.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE