8 Tips for Everyday Skin Care


6. Fat isn’t All Bad

While you need to be careful how much fat you consume, certain essential fatty acids give you great Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "7-foods-to-swap-for-a-skinnier-you". Healthy cells replenish and hold moisture giving you a great glow and skin that is filled out. Salmon, mackerel, seeds, tuna and other Omega 3 heavy foods are the right target to hit.

7. Consider Your Hormones

Estrogen makes your skin supple and smooth but you will experience a decline in estrogen as you age. This is part of what leads to the breakdown of your skin. Hormone therapies as well as changing your diet can help. Green vegetables and soy all contain lots of estrogen.

8. Don’t Complicate Things

Changing your diet, drinking water and finding the right products should be enough. Don’t make your skin regimen so difficult that you cannot keep up with it. You need something you are going to do everyday not something you are likely to skip. By keeping things simple you will help ensure you stick to your plan.

These few steps are easy to follow and easy to stick to. You will find a difference in your skin quickly and you will likely be more diligent about keeping up. No matter what, you have to balance what you read and how your skin responds. Make adjustments that are personal for your lifestyle and your needs.