8 Tips for Successfully Falling Asleep


Let me share with you some easy tips about how to fall asleep and how to sleep better, as well as some effective tools and techniques that will bring you quality results.
Restful and deep goodnight sleep is very important not only for the overall wellbeing of your body and your beauty, but also for the performance you have during the day.

 1.      Avoid alcoholic Beverages

It is not a good idea to consume alcohol before going to sleep because alcohol is a stimulant for the brain and it will keep you up at night. The same is true if you drink coffee right before you fall asleep.

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2.      Exercise Before Bedtime

 When you exercise at least an hour before bedtime, you make yourself sleepy by using up a lot of energy and you are more likely to be tired after the workout.

3.      Sleep Without The Noise and Bright Lights

 Some people have trouble sleeping because they always sleep with the radio or television on and bright lights on. Make your bedtime experience better by sleeping in a dark and quiet bedroon. To make it less tempting to sleep with too much noise, take the television out the bedroom.

4.      Warm drink before sleeping.

Green tea with honey, a cup of chamomile tea or just a warm milk can help you to relax and get into the resting mood easily.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE