8 Ways of Quickly Fixing Nail Mess Ups



1. What Can I Do About Chipped Nails?

In this case, nail hardener is not enough to fix chipped nails. You may need to avoid hand
sanitizers that have high alcohol content, toxic nail polishes and nail polish removers that have acetone in them. Another thing you can do to fix chipped or split nails is to moisturize them often with olive oil, vitamin enriched lotion or petroleum jelly.

2. Dirty Looking Nails

If your nails look ugly and dirty, there are several reasons why this is happening. You can start by quitting smoking since smoking sometimes causes a yellowing of the nails.






If you wear dark colored nail polishes and you do not take all of the polish off completely, your nails will be stained over a period of time. To get the nails bright again, you want to use lemon juice and water and soak the nails in them.

3. My Nails Are Not Growing Fast Enough. Why?

There are several reasons for slow nail growth and genetics is one reason for it. You can wear gloves on your hands when you do household chores because this facilitates better growth for your nails. You should also soften your nails daily by applying lotion to the hands and nails. Also consider your diet and eat foods high in iron, B vitamins, and calcium.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE