8 Ways to be a Better Dieter


Dieting is not the optimum way to look at your life. In order to be a better dieter you have to really consider what is going to work with your lifestyle as well as what alterations you can make in a reasonable way. Losing weight is never fun but everyone enjoys the results. If you are better at it, the results are even more enjoyable as you will get there faster and hopefully stay there longer.

1. Lifestyle Change

Stop looking at it as dieting and make some lifestyle changes. That doesn’t mean saying you are never going to eat cake again, but if you are giving up sugar, allow yourself just one cheat day where you can have something that you really want. It gives you something to look forward to and takes the finality out of it.


 2. Add Exercise

It is not just about what you eat but what you do. This means making sure you get some exercise in the mix. You will find that the pounds drop much more quickly if you are up and moving rather than just denying yourself the things you like to eat.

3. Make Simple Swaps

Don’t give up everything you love and don’t make things complicated. Go for the low sodium items, the less sugar items and swap out heavy fat items for low fat items. At first they will taste different but you will get used to it. Don’t try and make everything complicated, but make small changes and you will be more successful. Start with apples for chips and salad for potatoes.