8 Ways to Perfectly Apply Eyeliner



Eyeliner is a tricking cosmetic to apply because of the fact that it goes in an area that is so sensitive and small. Rest assured that you are not the only person on the planet who has challenges with eyeliner. When you want to look amazing, there are a few tricks that can keep your hand steady and your eyeliner on track. Take a look and try them out:


A steady hand is the key to success. The best way to steady your hand is to steady your elbow. Lean on a table or countertop and your hand will stop shaking. Your line will be straighter and your eyes will look more fabulous than ever before!!


Once you know how to get your hand steady, you just need to decide what look you are trying to achieve. If you want something more dramatic or classic, you will need a different eyeliner. Many women will practice their base line and increase the line to get what they want.


If you do not like the first eyeliner that you try, you can try another one. There are so many eyeliners available at different prices that you will find one eventually. Once you realize what you don’t like, you can narrow done so you can pick the eyeliners that you like. Try liquid liners and pencils to see what works best for your style.


You do not want your eye to look like it’s ringed by liner, pay close attention to the thickness of the line. As you bring the line closer to the inside of the eye, it is important to make the line narrower. Also, stop the line before you get to the absolute inner corner of your eye.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE