8 Ways to Truly Experience Middle East Culture


It is so easy to misunderstand Middle Eastern culture as you are constantly bombarded by the negative, the conflict and the peril. The truth is there are many interesting and fascinating things to learn about the mystical and magical place. It is historical diverse and full of treasures you cannot see anywhere else. From the magic of Cleopatra to the Atlas mountains to the skyline of Dubai, you cannot write the Middle East off as one of the most unique and interesting destinations on the planet. What are some of the best things you should experience? This list just scratches the surface.

1. Take on the Call to Prayer

Five times a day you will hear Muezzin’s cry and at first you might find it disturbing. Wherever they are, Muslims roll their mats out and answer the call to prayer. Whether you want to pray or just take a moment to reflect, you will feel the energy coursing through the collective consciousness.


 2. Taste the Shawarma

Food of the area is likely different than anything else you are used to. Lebanese and Moroccan food both have a history of being fantastic. Shawarma is a mix of various meats: lamb, goat, turkey and chicken. It is compressed and marinated and then slowly roasted on a vertical spit. The slices are shaved off and you stuffed in a pita type bread. You can decorate it as you see fit with tahini, tabbouleh and tomatoes.

3. Take a Ride on a Camel

So it looks silly and it might seem crazy, but camels are quite nice and it is just the right feeling when dealing with the desert. There are many camel outings that come with an amazing picnic on the sands. It is a slower pace, one that fits the heat of the region and allows you to enjoy the scenery.