8 Ways to Truly Experience Middle East Culture


6. Experience a Mosque

Even if you aren’t religious at all, the Mosques of the Middle East are gorgeous. While you might be under the misguided perception that Muslims cannot enter, it is not true. You do need to follow the rules and behave accordingly as you don’t want insult anyone. You need to remove your shoes and cover up, but it can be a truly magical experience.

7. Take a Sail on a Dhow

On the Nile, the Red Sea and along the coastlines you will see the Dhow. Distinctive and narrow it is a unique way to float on the water. You will lay back on cushions and enjoy the ride.

8. Shisha or Hookah

Hookah bars have become popular in the States, but it is a different experience passing one around in the Middle East. You will feel a part of the community and understand the draw to the amazing spices of the region. Just like going to a bar in the US, the Hookah Bar is the place to be in the Middle East.