8 Worst Celebrity Hairstyles



It has always been easy for the men. They do not need to use makeup or be always dressed well. Let’s be honest: men do not think about all the time about their appearance. Most of the men have short haircuts and do not think about their hairstyle. They just get up from bed and go out without a single taught about the shape of their hairstyle. However there are these exceptions who pretend to be trendy and fashionable. The men among the celebrities are often considered as such. But do they manage to achieve the hairstyle they are trying to create? To have a little fun , we have prepared for you the worst celebrity hairstyels.






– Let us start with the crimson wave of Conan O’Brien. You have probably heard the southern saying “The higher the hair, the closer to God” “Riding” the crimson wave on his head, we will state that he probably believes himself to be divine or a friend of God.

1. Simon Cowell’s Sod
the judge of the American Idol started the series of the music reality with a decent cut. Unfortunately the popular star obviously forgot that his face is on the TV every night and day. All we have in mind for his haircut is that it looks like Britney’s fleet of engineers. Probably the hairdresser team of X Factor has fallen asleep.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE