8 Worst Tattoos Made by Celebrities



Celebrities use their status to be able to do things that the average citizen cannot do; many of those things they do are unusual, and at times, crazy, too. Many celebrities get tattoos, but even though they are celebrities, many get embarrassing tats. There are some horrible tattoos on many celebrities, and they’ve got to regret them, too. These are eight of the worst celebrity tattoos right now:


 1. Ke$Ha

What celebrity would get a tattoo on her inner lip? Ke$ha, of course. She took the words, “Suck It!” and not only sad it, but permanently emblazoned it on her inner lip. This had to be painful and it certainly isn’t attractive. It makes you wonder why she would choose that tattoo in that location and why a tattoo artist would do it for her.

2. Rihanna

Ah, Thug Life. Most of Ri-Ri’s tattoos arebeautiful and meaningful, but the pink knuckle tattoos that spell out “Thug Life” just do not fit her elegant, soulful grace. The tattoo was in homage to Tupac Shakur, but the fact that it was done in pink and looks like a prison tattoo, just doesn’t do either star the justice they deserve.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE