9 Herbal Remedies To Remove Scars



No one really likes scars, especially those on the face or in other highly visible places. Scars are caused by damage to the skin. The cells in the skin need to work to replace the damaged skin and cells, but they are not always able to repair the skin completely. Even though our bodies are made to regenerate, some damages cannot be completely fixed and that is how we end up with scars. Not only are scars unsightly and make you feel uncomfortable, the area where they are is not as strong and cannot resist the sun’s UV rays as easily either. Here are some ways to reduce the appearance and/or remove scars that are natural.

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Aloe Vera Plant and Juice
One of the best home remedies for many ailments, including scars is the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera is rich in healing properties and nutrients. Take a limb of the plant and break it open to reveal its gel inside. Smooth the sticky gel over the affected area and let it set and soak. Repeat as often as necessary.

Cucumber Paste
Make a paste using crushed up cucumbers and water. Water is a natural healing agent as well, especially since our bodies are made up mostly of water. The water and the water in the cucumber help to nourish and rehydrate the scared area and helps to fade the scar. Put the paste on the affected area and repeat daily as needed.

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