9 Horrible Pieces Of Dating Advice: Ignore at All Costs


Everyone thinks they have the answer when it comes to dating. Whether it was the way it worked for them or they have just seen too many episodes of “Sex and the City” it really doesn’t matter. There are some tips that are just so far off base you have to avoid them at all costs.

2.Don’t be Afraid to Settle

While this advice comes from the heart of “don’t expect your life to be just like a romantic comedy” it is also wrong. While you will unlikely experience it exactly as it in the movies, don’t just settle for someone who kind of works, there is a lot of life left and being single isn’t so bad.

2.Play Hard to Get

In the information age this is the lamest advice in the world. While you don’t have to be always available, hard to get is out of date. If you like him let him know or he is going to move on.

3.Chicken for His Heart

While cooking can be the way to a man’s heart, some people have taken to the idea that the perfect chicken is the key. Not true and not easy. Pick what you like best if you want to impress in the kitchen.

4.Don’t Eat in Front of Him

The idea that women are not supposed to eat is a horrible cliché and not impressive. While you definitely don’t have to eat like it is going out of style, don’t be afraid of an appetite. You are at a restaurant, enjoy the offerings.