9 Must Have Nail Wraps



The recent alternative to going to the salon to constantly get your nails done is using nail wraps instead. This is a great way to get artsy and do something creative with your nail designs. These are extremely easy to apply and remove; they also last for a long period of time. There is an endless amount of colors and designs to choose from. There are metallic types and funky prints so that you can take your nail art to a whole new level this year. Consider the following designs to spice your look up.

1. Giraffe Print

There are gold giraffe print designs that you can find online. These cost a bit more at $12.00 per set but they are dramatic and fun to wear. They can really update your look. Each of the sets will come with different patches for each nail. They are extremely easy to put on and it is an absolutely great way to mess around with nail art. There is also a metallic giraffe print which is very eye catching and great to wear out at night.






2. Lace Print

Lace is a favorite amongst many women because it is such a classy design. Here is a unique approach to nail art because it looks like a material that is printed on your nail beds. This designed is black lace on a white background and they are also available to customers in various other color combos. You can find this for $12.37 at asos.com.

3. Chic Prints

You can find some chic animal prints at Sephora or on their website for $15.00. They have tiger striped nail wraps which can be trimmed so that they fit your exact nail width. These wraps can also be applied to your toes. They have a few more prints that you can choose from as well as fishnet design wraps.



Image Source: sonailicious

4. Nail Apps

Nail wraps from OPI have beautiful, floral prints on them. These are already cut so you do not have to go through the hassle of trimming the width. The application is as easy as you warming the strips, peeling them off and then applying them to your nails. These can also be found at asos.com for $25.48.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE