Way too often, the onus is on the guy to do something romantic in a relationship. As women, we like to be pampered, swooned, surprised, serenaded, and romanced. We want our man to be a Prince who can show us that he’s not tough, macho and unemotional all the time. We want him to prove his love to us, to take charge and wine and dine us.

But let’s reverse the roles for a second. After all, it’s 2016 now, so why shouldn’t us women take command and do romantic things with our boyfriend? It might surprise you to read it (and it surprises me to write it), but men do love to be surprised and romanced. Deep down, underneath all their tough, Xbox-playing, beer drinking, football watching exterior, men are emotional beings with soft, tender centres. And they want you to show them some love by understanding what they like from time to time. So let’s take a look at 9 romantic things to do with your boyfriend.

Be Affectionate

Being affectionate is super easy to do, and as such it might not be something that automatically springs to your mind. But how many times do you really instigate affection with your boyfriend?

Just touching him while you’re watching a film, holding his hand when you’re out walking, or cuddling up to him as you lie in bed is super romantic and is a really nice way of expressing your love. A little tender love and affection never hurt anyone, and nor does it cost you anything to do it.

Just be careful a cuddle doesn’t turn into anything too frisky if you try it in public …….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE