9 Ways You Can Eat like a Model of Victoria’s Secret



It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret models are hot. It’s also not a secret that their diets help keep them looking the way they do. If you are wondering what a typical VS model eats, you are not alone. They eat good, healthy, all-natural food – no starvation diets for them. Here are a few tips from those gorgeous VS models:

1. Fresh Is Best

When you decide to nourish your body like  a Victoria’s Secret model does, you need to find fresh, natural food. The legendary models do not eat food that is filled with unnatural ingredients. You will need to remove the all of the heavily processed food and replace it with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. You will not only look great, but you will feel great, too.






2. Don’t Forget the Protein

Protein is a very important component for a healthy diet. It keeps our metabolism up as well as keeping us eating too much sugar. Lean muscles need protein, too. Miranda Kerr, a popular VS model, eats eggs, vegan protein, fresh grilled fish, and organic grilled chicken, too. These all help keep muscles strong and the body lean.

3. Supermodels Eat Superfoods

Superfoods include acia, coconut oil, blueberries, and gogi berries. These are extremely beneficial foods because they keep the body looking great and they offer a significant amount of nutrients. They are superfoods becasue they really keep the body looking and feeling healthy in a very easy way.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE