9 Ways of Having an Improved Skin



1. Apply Shea Butter To Skin

Shea butter is becoming an important product these days for those interested in improving their skin and for good reasons. Shea butter moisturizes the skin, reduces dark scars on the skin, and treats eczema rashes successfully. You can either buy a bar of shea butter or a bottle of lotion that contains shea butter.

2. Take Multivitamins

Multivitamins make your skin healthy from the inside out and the multivitamin often contains vitamins E and D, which are essential in maintaining the skin in amazing ways. You can take one to two multivitamins a day along with your meal.






3. Cut Out The Smoking

Smoking causes premature aging and eventually you will get wrinkles that make you look like you are 60 when you are only in your early 40s. Talk with a licensed counselor or doctor about quitting smoking and within a few months you will see victory over this habits.

4. Sunscreen

Whenever you go out, you should always put on sunscreen, even if it is cold outside. Those with darker skin may feel they do not need sunscreen because the pigment in their skin offers some protection from the sun’s rays. However, this is not true and darker skinned persons face the risks of skin damage from the sun like everyone else.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE