9 Ways to Create your Personal French Pedicure



Doing your own French manicure can be extremely difficult – oddly enough, it’s much easier to do a French pedicure. They are gorgeous, classy and a great way to pamper yourself when you deserve it the most. There are times when going to the salon and getting your nails done is just out of the budget. If you know how to do your own French pedicure it can be extremely handy and convenient.

1. The Right Supplies

Like anything, you’re going to need the right tools in order to get the perfect French pedicure. Its best that you get some Epsom salt, oil, foot scrub, cuticle stick, nail clippers, a file, polish remover, the French polish, line strip, toe spacers and cotton balls.

2. Pamper your Feet

You’re going to want to start off by soaking your feet. Fill a bath with very hot water and put in the Epsom salt along with your favorite skin oil. This is going to soften your feet up and loosen the firm and stubborn skin.


3. Use a Foot Scrub

The next thing that you’re going to want to do is use a foot scrub on your wet feet in order to soften up the foot calluses. This is going to get rid of the touch skin. After you’ve scrubbed your feet, rinse it off and dry them.

4. Care for your Cuticles

While your nails and skin are still soft push back your cuticles softly; do not push them back too far and make sure that you do so with an angled cuticle stick. Finish up by using oil or lotion on the cuticles to retain moisture.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE