9 Ways to do a Rosewater Toner


Believe it or not, roses have been used for years in beauty rituals and many popular, successful products. It’s no wonder why they have been used for centuries; the DIY rose water toner is extremely easy to use and it’s highly effective.

Rosewater is a natural ingredient and a mild astringent for the skin. It can help to get rid of any excess oil that gets caught up in the skin, and it will help to soothe the skin out. Rosewater is what makes a gentle and all natural face toner, and it’s easy to make. All that you are going to need is roses, two of them are sufficient enough for the ingredients.






1. How to Make Rosewater Toner

It’s important that before you actually apply it to your face, that you test it on your inner arm where the skin is far more sensitive. This is going to ensure that your skin can tolerate the ingredient. Do not forget to wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup, and then you can pat your face dry. Make sure the hair is pulled away from the face, soak the cotton ball or pad with the rosewater toner and then apply it in an upward stroke. When the skin is dry remember to moisturize it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE