A Balanced Diet Chart Every Mom Must Have


The Nutrients Shown in a Balanced Diet Chart

A balanced diet chart shows various vitamins and nutrients your children need to keep them healthy and avoid getting sick. Listed below are some of the essential minerals for your child’s healthy growth.

Balanced Diet Chart

• Proteins – it comes from eggs, fish, meat, and other dairy products. It is important for muscle building, growth, and repair of antibodies.
• Carbohydrates – must be of the right amount for your child to have adequate energy. It can be derived from whole grain foods like bread, pasta, and cereals.
• Vitamins – are important for your child’s body to function properly. It also helps boost their immune system and support growth and development.
• Calcium – is significant to have strong bones. It comes from dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cheese and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery.

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Your children’s meal should consist of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above. Refer to a balanced diet chart to determine the percentage needed for each food group to meet your kid’s daily nutritional needs. Moreover, children require the right amounts of Omega-3, iron, amino, and fatty acids to ensure overall health.

Water: Part of the Balanced Diet Chart

Aside from suggested nutritious foods, water plays an important role in the human body. It helps us eliminate toxins and wastes and maintains body temperature. We should also ensure that our children are drinking the right amount of fluids daily. This is based on their level of activity and weather, but you can consult a balanced diet chart for the suggested amount of fluid to be taken daily.

Unlike the recommended food groups that a balanced diet chart has, most children today eat junk foods, sweets, and instant food. Thus, they develop poor eating habits. This usually leads to many long-term health risks like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. As parents, we must ensure that they are eating healthy and drinking healthy at the same time.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE