A Comprehensive Guide to Hair Weaves Styles



A hair weave involves integration of either human or artificial hair with a person’s natural hair. Depending on the quality and nature of the weave used, it can last for different periods. Hair weaves are mainly used to enhance the appearance of the wearer’s hair by either adding to it or covering it entirely to give a new appearance. Hair weaves can, therefore, be used to increase hair volume, length and enhance hair color. Care should be taken when using hair weaves as extended use can result into hair loss due to a condition known as traction alopecia.


Types of Hair Weaves Styles

As previously mentioned, hair weaves come in two variants. These are human or artificial. Depending on the variant chosen, different hair weaves style can be achieved. Synthetic hair weaves are made of synthetic fibers. This type of hair weave has a short life span as it is easily susceptible to damage by heat and friction. It may be stiff and hence not resemble human hair exactly. Though there are synthetic brands that are more heat resistant and can last longer than human hair, it is recommended that you should not expose the hair to heat appliances. Synthetic hair is mostly less expensive than human hair.

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The other variant is human hair. Human hair weaves are made from human hair collected from donors. This type of hair weave resembles the wearer’s natural hair exactly. It can be styled and treated like natural hair i.e. it can be dyed, conditioned and even exposed to heat for styling purposes. Human hair weaves are quite expensive compared to artificial hair weaves. Most human hair comes from India, Brazil, China, Korea, and Russia. The hair has different characteristics depending on its origin. For instance, Indian and Brazilian hair is thicker and preferred for curly and wavy styles while Chinese and Russian hair is lighter and preferred for straight styles.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE