A Few Ways to apply smoky eye makeup



Looking hot, sexy and confident can be very easy if you consider wearing a smoky eye makeup, this make up will turn your look absolutely gorgeous and attractive to the eyes of many. This method has become the most popular among almost every single woman who is interested to change their look especially the female celebrities, they are all embracing this technique. Many women experience dramatic make ups on several occasions but with this technique ladies can always wear a glamorous look always.

How do you apply smoky make up to your eyes?

The foremost thing that you are supposed to undertake is to identify the colors that you need. Choose colors that will work well with the color of your eyes, this will always create a perfect match. Having the understanding that classic smoky eyes brag of two colors which are gray and black it’s very important that while doing the makeup do not limit yourself to only the two colors. You can opt to carry out a trial on others colors such as chocolate, dark green, dark pink, purple, violet, plum or coffee. This colors when incorporated they bring out an amazing beautiful look. For instance if you have brown eyes the best colors that would go handy can include any brown color such as coffee or copper.

Before you even thing of think of wearing a smoky eye make-up its important to have all the necessary requirements, which include an eye shadow base, mineral makeup foundation, you also need an eye pencil, eye shadows that have a flat shape and not to forget a smoky eyeshadow color palette.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE